Role of Computers in Project Management


      Project Management plays a vital role in the success of any project. It encompasses the entire life cycle of the project, which includes initiation, planning, execution, control and closing of the project Good Project Management involves successful completion of the project in time within budget and without compromising on quality poor coordination, monitoring and communication among the project team results in wastage of resources, excessive costs and delays.


      Any construction project involves a team of Structure Consultants, Architects, Designers, Site Engineers, Contractors, Quality Control Personnel and Project Managers, who offer professional service at various stages of the project. However the role of the Project Manager begins at the time of inception and ends only after the completion of the project. He is responsible for taking various decisions, which influence the project directly.


     A construction project involves the designing the structure, preparation of quality and cost estimates, planning and scheduling of the work, team mobilization, resource allocation, inventory management, tendering and procuring material, monitoring and controlling the project, involving and billing. During the actual execution of the project, a number of activities are carried out simultaneously. The Project Manager has to keep track of all the processes in order to monitor the project closely.


     Using conventional methods it is not only difficult for the Project Manager to monitor the progress of the entire process but it also prevents him from getting upto date information about the exact status of the project. This lack of upto date information about the status of various activities prevents the Project Manager from taking informed decisions leading to wastage of time and resources. This process complicates further when the Project Manager has to handle a number of projects spread over various geographic locations simultaneously.


      In recent years, technological innovation in construction project management has significantly changed the entire scenario. Computers with the Internet have started playing a vital role in various aspects of construction. Various software tools and products act as means to foster collaboration among professionals on a project, to communicate for bids and results, and to procure necessary resources materials goods and services. While generalized Project Management Software tools like Microsoft’s MS Project are available, specialized Project Management Software Products like BuildPROJECT are available to manage Construction Project exclusive.


       For a project manager, effectively balancing a project’s scope, cost, time and resources is an ongoing challenge. BuildPROJECT, the construction project-management tool, helps to view, analyze, and manage these project coordinates concurrently, all from a desktop. This enables the Project Manager to create schedules, plan resources, collect and document actual data and generate project status reports and MIS. The Construction Project Management Software deals with every aspect of the Life Cycle of the Construction facility. It automates various operations like Planning, Execution and Control, Resource Management, Inventory Management, Safety Management, Quality Control and Finance Management.


   The software is especially helpful when multiple projects need to be managed in different locations.